Hi there!

It’s so exciting to welcome you to Plunoria. My name is Firi Fombo – I often refer to myself as a sweet baby girl. I love life, food, love, laughter and art. I’m intrigued by books, interesting conversations and travelling this is why I ‘m part of the community that believes; Everything Na Art (you should actually check out @everythingnaart on Instagram). ¬†¬†https://www.instagram.com/everythingnaart/?hl=en

Plunoria is a collection of Firi Fombo’s thoughts, journey through life. Plunoria was born out of the desire to be able to share my stories and stories of others in my own space. Lol!

I’m glad you’re on this journey of discovering and becoming more with me.

You could catch up with me on Instagram too- @ibifiri_fombo https://www.instagram.com/ibifiri_fombo/?hl=en